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Sebastián Águila is a creative director with more than 15 years of experience creating website design and brand identities for companies and projects all around the world.


As an art director, I love the place where brand and web design intersect. This allows me to create consistent, elegant and unique digital experiences, helping my clients to solve real and complex design cases.

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Awards & Recognition


Amazonia Font - The FWA SOTD
Amazonia Font - CSS Design Awards - SOTD
Amazonia Font - Awwwards - HM
Dinamica - CSS design Awards - SOTD
Dinamica - Awwwards - HM
Gabrielle Dolan CSS Design Awards - SOTD
Gabrielle Dolan - Awwwards - HM
Adison Partners - CSS Design Awards - SOTD
Adison Partners - Awwwards - HM
Jargon Free Fridays - CSS Design Awards - SOTD
Jargon Free Fridays - Awwwards - HM
Trama - CSS Design Awards - SOTD
Trama - Awwwards - HM

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